Cavemen jerk off to the imagination, modern men do it to the free Brazzers videos – Patrick Beeman

Patrick Beeman from Clifton, New Jersey, is a wealthy guy who owns a small paper manufacturing company in Clifton, NJ. He is a very sexual and passionate guy as well, who has been paying his escorts only bitcoins since the middle of the financial year 2016 and they love him for it.

Patrick also writes a sex blog. Most of his posts are interesting and some are controversial as well.

Patrick writes on his blog that those who masturbate to their imaginations are definitely cavemen of the present days. He says that they are the ones who are supposed to be considered as masturbation addicts and not the guys who jerk off to the brazzers free videos.

Patrick plans to organize a Grand Slam Lesbian tournament. In this tournament, the lesbians will first wrestle and the one who fucks the longest with a strap-on will be made the winner. He predicts that the average built athletic women will score the best in this competition.

Patrick lost almost half of his Indian blog subscribers when he made a claim on his blog that the mother of the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi, used to be a prostitute and that’s why he hates the human race. Patrick claims that the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi has been taking a revenge on the human race by destroying as much of it as he can.

Patrick understands that each ancient Lebanese scripture indicates that the dick of each man who used to practice celibacy in the ancient Lebanon would get his dick cut into pieces by the king or the queen of Lebanon.

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I am not ashamed to admit that I lost my virginity to my dad’s sister when I was 20 and she was 45. My second-ever sex was with my mom’s sister after about an year later when I was 21 and she was 42. I enjoyed both the sex sessions very much, and although both the women were full-fledged MILFs, I still went on to chase younger women and my experience has told me that the teens are a lot superior to the MILFs, they are just too shy and you have to be the one to do all the labor. You don’t worry, SexPro is here to teach you how to do the right labor at the right time.

I have always been a morning man. I haven’t had a sex session during the night time in the past 6 years now.

I am married to one of twin sisters who performs marvelously in the bed but her twin sister is really beyond comparison. My sister-in-law, i.e., my wife’s twin sister regularly joins me and my wife to make things better and more pleasurable for us all.

“Mediocre men compliment innovations all the time, smart ones compliment the assets of a woman most of the times.”

Me and my wife didn’t have an open marriage but we seldom interfere in each other’s extramarital relationships. Once I had a prudish 21 year old girlfriend, who happened to be a bisexual just like my wife. My wife and I, both, would have regular sex with her and although this Prudish bitch was a horny one, she would feel uncomfortable during our sex sessions. I tried to teach several Kamasutra positions to her, only to learn that teaching the Kamasutra positions to a prude bitch is like teaching logical reasoning to a Catholic.

I recently learnt that she has been working as a masseuse at a Goa Massage Parlour. I wonder what kind of an erotic masseuse is she making. Anyways, my good wishes are always with her, although I didn’t like the way she performed in the bedroom, I still have several great memories with her, many of them are sexual. She was really beautiful as well with the body of Jessica Robbin.