Cavemen jerk off to the imagination, modern men do it to the free Brazzers videos – Patrick Beeman

Patrick Beeman from Clifton, New Jersey, is a wealthy guy who owns a small paper manufacturing company in Clifton, NJ. He is a very sexual and passionate guy as well, who has been paying his escorts only bitcoins since the middle of the financial year 2016 and they love him for it.

Patrick also writes a sex blog. Most of his posts are interesting and some are controversial as well.

Patrick writes on his blog that those who masturbate to their imaginations are definitely cavemen of the present days. He says that they are the ones who are supposed to be considered as masturbation addicts and not the guys who jerk off to the brazzers free videos.

Patrick plans to organize a Grand Slam Lesbian tournament. In this tournament, the lesbians will first wrestle and the one who fucks the longest with a strap-on will be made the winner. He predicts that the average built athletic women will score the best in this competition.

Patrick lost almost half of his Indian blog subscribers when he made a claim on his blog that the mother of the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi, used to be a prostitute and that’s why he hates the human race. Patrick claims that the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi has been taking a revenge on the human race by destroying as much of it as he can.

Patrick understands that each ancient Lebanese scripture indicates that the dick of each man who used to practice celibacy in the ancient Lebanon would get his dick cut into pieces by the king or the queen of Lebanon.