Hiring Escorts Is As Big Of Being A Degenerate As Being A SlackChat Group Owner

I recently came across this conspiracy theorist dude from Denmark on the SlackChat, who spoke way better English than most native English speakers, including myself.

This Estonian Conspiracy Theorist dude told me that both Dan Pena – The Trillion Dollar Motivational Speaker and Richard Dawkins aka Dick Dawkins aka The Atheist Evolutionary Biologist, are brothers in disguise, from a different planet, who are on our planet to destroy the values, ethics, morals and almost everything else from here. He added that while Richard has been trying to destroy the religions and religious values, his younger brother Dan is busy destroying the business ethics, morals and values.

He said to me that both Dan Pena and Richard Dawkins are beyond the law of science on earth, and with the help of it, they have been trying their best to make the degeneracy glorified.

He claims that both Dan Pena and Richard Dawkins are the ‘Real Reptilians’ who have a foolproof plan to destroy all the water on the earth, and for that they are going to call more of their siblings, cousins, friends and others from their own planet. He added that he has the hope that sooner or later, these Reptilians will be caught on their ways to earth via satellite.

He told me that the founder of the infamous Youtube Channel London Real – Brian Rose, also has a doubt on Dan Pena that he is not from this planet and that’s the reason Brian always bashes Dan on his channel although he is his mentor.

He said to me that the reason why Richard Dawkins overemphasizes on the notion that we are overpopulated is to make way for the people from his own planet to come on earth and settle down here forever.

This Estonian Conspiracy Theorist claims that Neanderthals were also from some other planet who wanted to takeover the earth but they weren’t as polished, shrewd or cunning as their Reptilian counterparts and that’s the reason why they failed in their mission even when the humans weren’t as near as advanced as they are now. He also told me that both Richard Dawkins and his younger brother – Dan Pena, control the politicians, media, bureaucrats, military chiefs, secret agencies and their heads, and many other powerful departments of Denmark since the financial year 2013 and for that very reason, they both regularly travel to the eskortside of Denmark, where they hire top-notch female models for their fun.

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