Clingy Green Card Demanding Indian Woman Made This Newark Guy Go The Snapchat Porn Route Forever

John Vincent Donato from Newark, New Jersey, owns and runs a 40 year old religious item selling business based in the Newark city itself. He is also a part-time sex blogger although not very active on that, his sex blog is full of interesting posts.

John Vincent claims on his sex blog that Christine Amanpour of the CNN regularly partakes in sexual orgies. He claims that he has the evidence that Christine Amanpour spent some months at the Indian guru – OSHO’s commune in Rajneeshpura, Oregon in the 1980s. He accuses that Christine Amanpour’s reason for staying at OSHO’s commune was not a spiritual but rather she wanted to enjoy the sex, drugs and rock n roll.

John Vincent writes that he once dated a Half-Hindu, Half-Sikh Indian woman in 2017. She would do whatever John would ask for including drinking John’s piss, performing rimjobs, inserting huge toys inside her anus for John and not to mention, the anal sex was a regular thing between them. Little did John knew that she was doing it all for the ‘green card’. She expected John to marry her and John definitely wasn’t ready. When John refused her proposal of marriage, she started threatening him in different ways but John wasn’t willing to change his decision, no matter what. John recently discovered that she had to leave the USA as her visa expired. She has been living in Punjab, India since July, 2018.

John now only believes in one-night adult dating scene. He is not for the long-term dating anymore. He can be seen checking out possible one night flings on Snapchat Porn.